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Frequently Asked Questions

Mechanics - PROCHECK Automotive

Is a Safety Certificate and Roadworthy the same thing?

Yes, they are the same. In 1999 the Queensland Transport Department renamed the ‘roadworthy certificate’ the ‘safety certificate’.

How long is a Safety Certificate valid for?

For private use, a Safety Certificate is valid for two months or 2000km, whichever comes first.

How long does it take to do a Safety Certificate?

Please allow 45 minutes for a Safety Certificate. This includes a thorough check over of the vehicle, a road test, and at completion of the inspection you will be given a written report.

When do I need a Safety Certificate?

A Safety Certificate is required for transferring of registration on your car, trailer, bike or caravan. If you are selling your vehicle you need the Safety Certificate to be displayed in a visible position before the car is advertised for sale, otherwise significant fines could apply.

What happens if my car fails the first inspection?

We will provide a detailed note of any items that need to be rectified. If you would like us to quote the repairs needed we can do so. You then have fourteen days to have us come out for a re-inspection.

If my vehicle requires mechanical work to pass, can you do it for me?

We certainly can. We will provide you with a quote to carry out the repairs required and you can decide whether you would like us to proceed. There is no obligation for you to get us to carry out the repairs.

My vehicle is unregistered, is that ok?

Yes that’s fine. The vehicle is required to be taken for a road test, but don’t worry, we carry a trade plate which enables us to roadtest a vehicle safely and legally.

I have a trailer, camper or caravan, do I need a Safety Certificate?

If your trailer/caravan is over 750kg then you are required to obtain a Safety Certificate. Simply look on your registration papers or compliance plate for the weight!

If your trailer, camper or caravan is under 750kg, you just need to go into your local Queensland Transport branch and complete a Self Assessment.

What is a HVRAS?

The objective of the HVRAS is to inspect heavy vehicles over 4.5 tonne GVM and Trailers over 750kg ATM to ensure they comply with:

  • Dimensional limitations
  • Approved load sharing axle systems guidelines
  • Safe tyre limits
  • Vehicle identifers (for example: engine number, vehicle identification number and chassis number)

When Do I need a HVRAS?

If the vehicle or trailer is being registered in QLD from other state or if the QLD registration has expired.

What’s the difference between a Minor Service and a Logbook service?

A minor service is a basic service in which we will replace Engine oil and Oil filter and carry out an overall inspection of your vehicle. A logbook service is what the manufacturer of your vehicle specifies at a particular time or KM interval to be replaced or inspected. This can include air filters, spark plugs, timing belts and driveline, oils and so on.

Will my warranty be voided if you service my vehicle?

NO, having your logbook servicing carried out by one of our qualified Mechanics, we can sign off on your logbook so that will not void your warranty. We use only quality parts at Procheck and follow all manufacturer’s instructions.

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