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Steering & Suspension Repairs

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Have a ball joint or tie rod end that needs replacing, but is expensive or no longer available?

Is your drag link or king pin to expensive to replace?

Don’t have the time or space to have your vehicle off the road whilst waiting for new parts?

At PROCHECK Automotive we can now repair your parts instead of replacing them!

We can repair the part whilst it is still fitted to the vehicle – saving you the hassle of removing it!


Using the Nu-Tech Polymer Bushing System allows us to restore marginally loose front end parts back to new or closer than new tolerances. The parts are restored to new or better than new by injecting a specially formulated molten polymer into the joints while still attached to the vehicle. The bushing is installed in a molten state through the grease opening by using a unique pressure multiplying tool. The result is a perfectly fitted, free floating, greasable bushing that is backed by a nationwide warranty.

The following parts can be restored by PROCHECK Automotive:

  • Tie Rod Ends
  • Ball Joints
  • Idler Arms
  • King Pins
  • Cab Hinge Pins
  • Equalizer Bushings
  • S-Cam Bushings
  • Bucket Pins
  • Boom Pins
  • Swing Arm Bushings
  • Dump Gates & Doors
  • Drag Links
  • Centre Links
  • Hood Tilt Pins
  • Trunion Bushings
  • Steer Arms
  • Most friction bushings
  • Drop Arm Ball Joints

Repairs come with a 2 year or 40,000 km warranty (whichever occurs first) on privately used vehicles, or 6 months or 10,000 km warranty (whichever occurs first) on commercially used vehicles, conditional on regular greasing every 5,000 km.

Call 07 5491 4626 for more information or pricing. 

Polymer Injection Bushing System

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