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Toyota Landcruiser VD-G320 Green Wheel

$4,190.00 inc GST

  • Includes Refundable Core Charge – $300


Looking for a turbocharger that provides a power boost with improved low-end torque? Look no further than the G320 Green Wheel turbo.

G320 green Wheel Summary

Standard, the VDJ 70 series produces 370nm of wheel torque and 90-120rwkw. With a G320VD Green Wheel turbo combined with our custom remap, you can expect around 700-850Nm of wheel torque and 180wkw to 210rwkw. Installations with a large intercooler, 3” exhaust and upgraded injectors have yielded results as high as 250rwkw and torque over 950Nnm at the Wheels. An upgraded clutch is mandatory. 

G320VD Green with its Billet aluminium 2618 Vortex 2 compressor and G59 Turbine provides low-end grunt, high torque and power with outstanding reliability

Key design improvements set the GTurbo VDJ70 turbo solutions in a class of their own including;

–       GTurbos custom designed NextGEN VNT control system allowing perfect boost control with 250% improvement in control hysteresis.

–       one piece bearing housing with larger bearing and 300% stronger faceplate allowing higher boost and resistance to flexing and vibration

–       high-performance thrust bearing, 150% stronger

–       gapless turbine and compressor seals for improved oil control

–       leading technology aerodynamics in the compressor and turbine design

–       Stainless steel (316L) VNT control actuator with breather port

–       Turbine housing upgrade including ~62mm outlet (standard is 49mm), thicker flange at exhaust manifold feed for improved sealing

–       Design boost is 28psi, and can be operated efficiently via ECU control from 16 – 32psi up to 2700rpm (at <40C turbo intake air temperature, >95kPa turbo intake air pressure) 

–        30psi is typically available from 1600rpm if the tune and setup are complimentary.

–        Accurate tuning is essential for reliability, efficiency and performance

–        Free 1 Year Warranty included 


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Weight 10 kg
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