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Buying a Caravan?

If you are like many people in Queensland, the thought of buying a caravan and travelling throughout the country sounds like an amazing idea. You will always have lodging, can see the wildlife that Australia is known for and experience the outdoors like you never would have imagined. However, before you buy a caravan, it must have a safety certificate. In order for a caravan to be considered safe to have on the roadways, a caravan roadworthy certificate must be given by a workshop that has been authorised by Queensland Transport. Without this certificate, you will be purchasing an illegal caravan.

There are a few things that you, as a buyer, should know about a caravan roadworthy certificate. For instance, the caravan will have to go through a detailed inspection before it will be deemed safe to be on the road, and thus safe to sell. Some of the things that will be looked at include the tyres, the brakes, the windscreen and the windows. Finally, many sellers will tell buyers that because a caravan has this certificate, that it is in fantastic mechanical condition. This, however, may not be true. The safety inspection will not focus on mechanics at all, only safety…these are two different things.

Some companies that offer these checks will also offer pre-purchase inspections which will give you a good idea of the mechanical condition, however, so that may be an option. If you are interested in a pre-purchase inspection, consider contacting PROCHECK Automotive for high quality service and excellence in inspections.

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