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Toyota 200 Series Landcruiser VDTT-G380 Green (Twin Turbo Pair)

$6,790.00 inc GST

Includes Refundable Core Charge – $300



G380VDTT Green with its Billet aluminium 2618 Vortex compressor and G45A Turbine provides low-end grunt, high torque and power with great reliability

This specification targets extremely strong bottom and mid power, with the grunt that every big V8 should have. The G380 has a higher flow, high-efficiency compressor wheel and custom bearings for high boost. 

It is designed to operate between 0-34psi. Peak efficient point and RPM bandwidth are dependent on supporting modifications. 

Standard, the VDJ200 series produces 550nm of wheel torque and 155wkw. With a set of G380s combined with our custom tune, you can expect around 850nm of wheel torque and 230-240rwkw. Installations with a large intercooler, 3” exhaust and upgraded injectors have yielded results as high as 300rwkw (typical 280wkW) and torque over 900nm at the wheels. 

Common supporting modifications include; an exhaust upgrade, upgraded air box, front mount intercooler and high-flow injectors. Call us to discuss the best items to upgrade to deliver the best result for your dollar. 

 Key design improvements set the GTurbo VDJ200 turbo solutions in a class of their own including;

–       GTurbos improved VNT system allowing accurate boost control

–       high-performance thrust bearing, 60% stronger

–       gapless turbine seals for improved oil control

–       leading technology aerodynamics in the compressor and turbine design

–       Compressor housing with MAP width enhancing and surge-resistant porting

–       Turbine housing upgrade including 5-Axis CNC milled outlet for higher gas flow

•           Design boost is 32psi, and can be operated efficiently via ECU control from 16 – 34psi up to 2900rpm (at <40C turbo intake air temperature, >95kPa turbo intake air pressure) 

•           30psi is typically available from 1750rpm if the tune and setup are complimentary.

•       Accurate tuning is essential for reliability, efficiency and performance

•           Free 1 Year Warranty included 

Capable of 380whp & 1000wNm


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Weight 15 kg
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