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Car Inspections on the Sunshine Coast

Queensland Transport requires that anyone selling a car has to go through a safety inspection and be issued a certificate in order for the sale to be valid. It is recommended, if you know you are going to need car inspections on the Sunshine Coast, to prepare a bit to ensure that your car is ready for the inspection. If your vehicle fails the inspection, you will need to get the repairs completed in 14 days and if you try to sell your car without getting the safety certificate, you could be subject to a fine of up to $550. Because of this, you can see how getting car inspections on the Sunshine Coast and preparing your car for these inspections can be in your best interest.

Some of the things you should look over include making certain that the simple things work. For instance, make sure all of the doors and windows open correctly. Seat sliders, lights and mirrors should also work as they are supposed to as well. When it comes to some of the more technical aspects of your car, like ensuring the tyre treads are acceptable and that your battery has enough power may require more specialised tools, as well as training. Consider talking to someone with a bit of knowledge about cars to look over it.

As you can see, by checking your car before you take your vehicle in for a safety inspection, you will find that you have a much better chance of passing on the first time through and you can take your time getting the repairs done…if your car fails, you will only have 14 days.

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