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Common Q&A About Queensland Car Inspections

When you wish to sell your car in Queensland, you will be required by the state to obtain a safety certificate. Car inspections are done by authorised workshops throughout the state and only when you have the certificate placed on your vehicle, can you legally sell your car. Here are some of the most common questions about car inspections in Queensland.

What is Checked in a Car Inspection?

One of the most common questions about safety inspections is what areas are commonly checked. In most cases, any part of the car that will contribute to the overall safety of the vehicle will be examined including the brakes, tyres, steering and windscreen.

Where Do I Get an Inspection?

You can get an inspection at any of the authorised workshops throughout the state. You will probably find that some of these workshops offer more services than others. For instance, some, like PROCHECK Automotive, offer mobile car safety inspections. In addition to that, they can even offer repairs and other services.

How Long Will it Take and How Long Will it Last?

You will find that most workshops will be able to do a safety inspection in about 45 minutes. Each certificate, if you are a private seller, will be valid for 2 months or for 2000 km, whichever comes first.

What Happens if I Don’t Get a Certificate?

If you choose to forego the certificate and sell your car anyway, you will quickly be handed a fine of up to $550 on the spot if you are caught. Don’t take that chance, the inspection will be much more affordable.

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