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Is Your Motorcycle Roadworthy?

If you are planning on selling a used motorcycle in Brisbane, you will need to make sure that you have a certificate showing this. A certificate to show your motorcycle is roadworthy in Brisbane can be easily obtained by contacting an authorised workshop. Queensland Transport has given authority to workshops throughout the state to perform these safety checks and before you sell, you will need to obtain a roadworthy certificate. The purpose of this certificate it so show any potential buyers that your bike is safe for operation on the road. It is extremely easy to get a safety certificate in Queensland, you just need to find a reputable workshop.

In order to prove your motorcycle is roadworthy, Brisbane area workshops will check everything from the tyres and brakes to the steering and mirrors before issuing a roadworthy certificate. This is, however, a basic inspection and does not fully examine any of the mechanics in your motorbike. Because of this, it is important that you don’t tell any potential buyers that the mechanics have been inspected if it has only been issued a roadworthy certificate.

Your motorcycle roadworthy certificate will last for 2 months or 2000 km, whichever comes first, assuming you are a private seller. If you are a licensed dealer, you will have 3 months or 1000 km before you will need to get a new one. Hopefully, during this time, you will be able to make a sale. Don’t keep your buyers in the dark and potentially earn a $550 fine…get your roadworthy inspection done, today.

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