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When Do You Need a Roadworthy Certificate?

You may have heard that you need a certificate to show your motorcycle is roadworthy on the Sunshine Coast before you sell it. If you did, you heard the right thing because in the state of Queensland, before you post a listing to sell your motorcycle, you will need a roadworthy certificate. In almost all cases, you will need to contact a workshop that has been authorised by Queensland Transport in order to get this certificate. So, in order to show your motorcycle is roadworthy, Sunshine Coast workshops will need to look it over.

You will need this certificate for your motorcycle if you are selling the bike online, if you are placing the vehicle as a public offering for sale or if you have a sign on the bike advertising that it’s available. You will need to make an appointment with a workshop and either take your motorcycle into them for an inspection or some workshops, like PROCHECK Automotive, will offer mobile services. if your motorcycle passes the inspection, you will be given a roadworthy certificate. This certificate will need to be displayed on the guard or on the front forks of your bike. If you neglect to display this certificate in the proper way, you could find a $550 fine from the state of Queensland in your future. By taking the time to ensure that you get this inspection done, you will be making a positive contribution into the safety of all of our roadways. Contact PROCHECK Automotive to make an appointment, today.

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