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Dyno Tune / Remap – N70 Toyota Hilux

$1,595.00 inc GST


Hard Cut limiter available

More power and torque

Better fuel economy

Easier towing

Reduced lag

Want more reasons why you should get a remap / tune?

  • Around 25-35% more peak torque (EVEN MORE in a lot of cases!)
  • Around 25-35% more peak power (EVEN MORE in a lot of cases!)
  • Excellent gains in both power & torque across all rev-ranges
  • Reduced turbo lag (get rid of that horrible & dangerous delay/flat-spot on initial acceleration when you are pulling out of intersections etc.)
  • No more EGR related issues (no more clogged inlet manifold, provided that a catch can is also fitted!)
  • Reduction in fuel usage by 5-10% (in most cases, this is dependent on how the owner drives it – the heavier you are on the accelerator pedal; the more fuel it will use.)
  • Better & safer results than any generic & untunable “chip” on the market
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