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Is Your Trailer Roadworthy?

For many years now, the government of Queensland has required trailer owners to get a safety, sometimes called roadworthy, certificate before they can legally sell their vehicles. In order to determine if your trailer is roadworthy, Sunshine Coast workshops that have been authorised by Queensland Transport will need to inspect the vehicle. Here is some information on that process:

Some of the things that will be checked to ensure that your trailer is roadworthy include the brakes, tyres, lights and suspension. Each safety certificate that is issued will be proof that the trailer is safe to take on the road. This will ensure that all travellers are as safe as can be whilst travelling on Queensland roadways.

You should know that in almost all cases, you cannot sell a trailer that is not considered roadworthy. If your particular trailer falls between 0.75–3.5 tonnes, you will need a certificate from a workshop stating the trailer is roadworthy. Sunshine Coast area workshops will know the ins and outs of these inspections, so make certain that you don’t try to get out of this. Unless your trailer is under 750 Kg or you are only selling it for parts, a safety certificate is required.

Finally, you should know that your safety certificate must be prominently displayed on the draw-bar of the trailer and will last for 2 months. Be careful though…if this lapses, you will find yourself with a heavy fine of up to $550 if caught. Don’t take that chance. Contact an authorised Sunshine Coast workshop, like PROCHECK Automotive, today.

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