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What Makes a Trailer Roadworthy in Brisbane?

If you are considering selling your trailer in or around Brisbane, you probably have heard that it needs to be roadworthy. The question is, what makes a trailer roadworthy in Brisbane? It’s quite simple, really. Queensland Transport has made a list of requirements that when met, will indicate the roadworthiness of your trailer. By law, you will need to have an authorised workshop deem your trailer roadworthy. In order to do this, you will need to obtain a roadworthy certificate, also known as a safety certificate, which you will place on the drawbar for all to see.

You are probably wondering what will be checked to ensure a trailer is roadworthy in Brisbane, right? Well, first you will need to contact one of the authorised workshops and schedule an appointment. With a trailer, it will likely be easiest to choose a workshop that offers mobile certificates as they will come to you. When the inspector arrives to check on your trailer, they will take a look at a number of things including the tyres, body rust and even the suspension. If all is well, you will be issued a safety certificate which can be displayed until the trailer is sold. If it is not able to pass the inspection, you will need to do repairs until it does. If you choose to sell the trailer anyway, without a safety certificate, you can be subject to a $550 fine…which will probably be a lot more than the repairs. Do the right thing and get your trailer inspected before it is sold.

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