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Don’t Buy a Car Without a Safety Certificate

When you buy a new used car, you will likely find that the overall experience is quite exciting. You should make sure, however, that the transaction is done correctly. In the state of Queensland, before a seller can sell a car, bike, trailer or caravan, they need a safety certificate. You should never buy a car without this safety certificate being present on the windscreen. Though it is true that the car could run perfectly fine and be extremely safe, you still won’t want to take that chance. For every great car out there, there are probably 3 or 4 with safety issues. By avoiding buying a used car without a workshop or mobile safety certificate, you will likely be saving yourself a lot of hassle.

You can be sure, when you buy a car with a workshop or mobile safety certificate, that it has passed a rigorous test on many areas including the engine, the tyres, the windscreen, mirrors and windows. You can also be certain that the car was recently checked as a safety certificate is only valid for 2 months or for 2000 km, whichever comes first. Having this peace of mind will be important for both you and your family.

Finally, please note that a safety certificate only shows that the car you are buying has passed safety regulations that were put forth by Queensland Transport. You will not be able to see anything about how the car runs or other mechanical issues that car may be experiencing, so don’t fall for it if the seller tells you that is what the certificate indicates.

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